Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Hey everyone! Welcome to Figure Drawers. I'm Micah Gunnell, mega-super-star artist extraordinaire of the blockbuster ultra-smash hits Soulfire: Dying of the Light, Shrugged, and Dellec. What? You haven't heard of me?? Poppycock! Hmm...I drew some stories in the Heroes graphic novels too...Ring a bell? No? Ah well...Anyway, I've made this blog in order to solve a problem. I need an excuse to do more figure studies, and to push myself in ways that I'm currently unable to with my regular work. I've invited a few of my bestest buds to contribute as well: Chris Staggs, currently the undisputed most popular artist in comics(second to myself of course), who you obviously know from his recent work on Deadpool Team-up, and Fabio Redivo, who is the Miyagi to all the Daniel-san's in the world of comics. A world-renowned teacher at the world renowned Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic art. Its a stellar line-up obviously. In all seriousness, our goal is to do one figure drawing a day, all using the same piece of ref. I'm imposing a time limit of one hour per drawing, simply because we're all busy people, and all perfectionists...I know if I don't specify this limitation, this blog will turn into something it was never intended to be. Simply put, we're all here to improve our art, learn new techniques and have fun doing it. Thanks for checking us out, and I hope you enjoy the results!


  1. The traditionnal "one sketch a day"... My illustration teacher make us do that to (no particulary figure, but we have to do one sketch a day^^).
    This blog os a great idea, I put it in my RSS mailbox ^^ !

    Bye !

  2. Thanks Dav! Yeah, I kinda feel like I'm in school again! I'm really excited about doing the "assignments" :)