Friday, March 19, 2010


Had to do some layouts for Dellec earlier today...Should be done with issue 5 by the end of the month...Went to the gym, grubbed out, and finally sat down to work on this...Lotsa fun! I actually wasn't too excited about the ref that Fabio chose, but while working on it I realized it had a lot of potential. Thats the awesome thing about this...I never would have chosen to draw a kid in a space costume, and I wouldn't have chosen this ref as a first choice, but I guess thats how you grow as an artist...3rd day and I'm still excited about this!! I really think we're all going to become much better if we stick with it diligently...Materials: Raphael 2 brush, Kolinsky 8 brush, Nikko 357 nib, Higgans Eternal ink, photoshop.

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